Maersk Line to inspire Danish export companies

12 September 2013
Danish Ministry of Business and Growth has recently selected 30 leading Companies, in eight categories and designated them as “Export Canon” of the country. This decisive step has been taken by the Government to achieve higher export volume  and thereby ensure sustained growth of the country in future. It is a matter of great honour on the part of Mearsk Line that they have been selected to serve the interest of this leading 30 Danish Companies.
It is undoubtedly a great recognition to the Maersk Line shipping services by Denmark, as they have been playing a significant role for decades in the global export trade, with a present global market share of 14.5%.
Denmark is one of the developed economies of the world, with exports accounting for 56% of gross domestic product, valued at almost DKK 1 trillion (USD 175 billion) annually. Maersk Line has already covered 24% exports of this developed economy and contributed to a great extent for the expansion of Danish commerce & exports. Inclusion of Maersk Line in the above exclusive list as a “borne global” is a recognition to that contribution.
A launching ceremony of “Export Canon” was held on September 04, 2013 and in that function Chief Operating Officer Morten H. Engelstoft received the honour on behalf of Maersk Line. In his speech, Morten said “We are happy to honour Denmark’s centuries-old maritime heritage by empowering trade, not only in Northern Europe but in the whole world. We are indeed ‘born global’, and the vision and values instilled by our founder have proven a successful formula for creating opportunities across the globe.”

Received honour at the launch of "Export Canon".
Morten H. Engelstoft (C.O.O) of Maersk Line received honour
at the launch of "Export Canon"

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